Q Update: I get out today!

Today is a good day, well at least I really hope it is going to be. It’s Saturday, September 18th, 2021 and that means my two weeks of quarantine are officially complete. If I’m socially awkward, its because I’ve been without other human contact for five weeks, but that ends today.

At 2pm, I will be allowed to leave my cabin isolation, the quarantine process needs to be officially two weeks down to the hour. Once I am released, I will move all of my belongings back down to my crew cabin and jump in immediately to the guest muster station drill the following hour. After that, I will get an hour on the ice for the first time since everything has happened and we will see how my foot feels. I am hoping with everything in me that this all goes well and I have no pain; this will determine what the rest of the week looks like getting into shows and foreshadow the possibility of the rest of my contract. Im anxious to say the least, but I’m holding out hope for the best.

Quick little recap of the last few days in quarantine:

I put on my skates for the first time and they actually fit, without any pain!

About two weeks before I even got off the ship in Miami to have my foot looked at by a podiatrist, I was in an immeasurable amount of pain when skating and honestly even walking. When I put my foot in anything closed, whether that was my shoe or my skate, it felt like someone holding a death grip on a broken bone. But after everything that has gone on over the last five weeks, I tried my skate for the first time and I lost my shit (to say the least). I thought maybe I’d smile and be excited, but I put my skate on and I couldn’t control my tears. This was the first moment that I had actually a smidge of hope that my skating career wasn’t going to be over. When I was discharged and it was discovered that I had osteomyelitis in my foot, the doctors first informed me that the typical protocol for that recovery is six weeks IV antibiotics and bone/dead tissue removal. I was warned of the possibility of losing my toes and my skating career being obsolete. Now maybe you can understand why my reaction was the way it was. Check this out:

Secondly, rehab on my foot:

I mentioned in my other post that one of potential side effects the antibiotics I was on is tendon weakening and pain, specifically the Achilles tendon. I’ve been spending lots of time stretching and doing band exercises to strengthen the tendons around my foot as much as possible to avoid a different injury. I’ve been using towels, bands, massage guns, foam rollers, foot balls, you name it. Unfortunately, I am noticing tendon pain around my heel and along the front of my shins, otherwise known as plantar fasciitis and tendonitis from what I understand. I will continue to monitor this and do everything I can to strengthen and stretch out these tendons as I restart skating again.

Luckily, there is a physical therapist that comes onboard every turnaround day, so once a week, and I am hoping to get some additional advice and relief from them.

Excuse my awkwardness, I never talk to the camera, but you know, five weeks alone and you start to try new things…

Recovery update, three days before quarantine ends

Well thats all I’ve got for you right now. Here’s to hoping today’s first steps on the ice brings good news. I’m hoping with everything in this body of mine that I get to keep moving forward and continue with this contract. If all goes well, I will learn the second show that I haven’t learnt yet on this ship and perform by the end of the cruise. We’ll see! Luckily I’ve got great leadership that want me to get back into shows quickly, but without rushing until I’m ready. Here goes nothing. Crossing all ten fingers and toes (since I’ve still got them all).

2:00pm really cant come fast enough x

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  1. Rob Price
    September 20, 2021 / 3:25 AM

    Watching from down here in Australia. Been a tough long road for sure but hopefully you have turned the corner and it’s all in the past! Looking forward to one day being back on a cruise and going to your show.

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