• My Self Care Routine

    I don’t know about you, but with today’s lifestyle being a constant demand of responsibilities in such a fast-paced environment, it’s even more important that we make time for ourselves. If we forget to put ourselves as a priority, our minds can get clouded by negativity. Before I move on to my self-care routine and advice, I first want to talk about four things that are important to remember in order to remain in a positive mindset.

    NO. 1: Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

    Having a positive headspace starts with self-compassion. The phrase, “you are your own worst enemy” holds true. So instead of letting those run your mind into unwanted places, shut down those voices in your head sending negative messages to that person in the mirror. A positive mind-set and self-compassion starts with positive self-talk. In order for you to practice loving yourself, you need to start thinking and talking that way too (easier said than done).


    This is an easy one to forget. Constant negativity about whats going on in your life can lead to a depressive downward spiral. But even when things don’t seem like they are going right, I’m sure there are things that you can look up and be grateful for. A great tool for this is the 5-minute journal, which I talked about here. By being grateful and appreciating what you have, you are tricking your brain into being positive and most likely, motivated for more.


    We’ve been guilted into believe that everyone else’s needs must be taken care of before we take care of ourselves. I’m not saying be selfish, however, I am saying that its okay to put your happiness before others. If you take care of yourself first, you will be in a good places to help others, without hurting yourself. When you learn to be strong for yourself, you can be stronger for others. So throw away that guilt you have of taking care of yourself.


    This last tip for a positive headspace brings me to my routine of self care. While self-care can also mean planning an elaborate vacation, going to an expensive spa, or have a massage day with your bestie, that is not the lasting way to go about it. Instead, try to establish small habitual changes that involve greater wellness into your everyday. This way, these rituals help you feel refreshed everyday, without waiting until its pent up and costing you a fortune.


    As I mentioned above, self-care doesn’t have to be that phrase that costly idea that you maybe get a few times a year, if you’re lucky. Instead, what I would advise you to work on is implementing a few things that work for you into your everyday (and if not every day, than a few times a week). Its easy to neglect taking care of ourselves because of our busy schedule, but try to make it a priority! You’re days will be better if you feel better. Remember, that you have to figure out what works for you, but here are a few ideas, from some things I do to practice habitual self-care.


    • Do a quick facial routine in the morning: It doesn’t have to be the official thing just a nice wash and rinse, mask, and lotion. I love using the products suggested in this Lush At-Home Facial kit (no its not sponsored, I actually love it!). Try other products including:
      1. Muddy Body Face Mask
      2. Clinique Eye Lotion
      3. YesTo Paper Face Masks
      4. Coffee Scrubs
      5. Honey infused face lotions (I use one from Be Kiwi with Manuka Honey from New Zealand).
    • As soon as you wake up, drink a full glass of water with lemon juice in it: Also try some of these easy detoxing tips right when you wake up to help you feel brand new each day!
    • Make your bed! You wouldn’t think that doing this makes a difference, and I can’t explain it, but it does. I guess walking out of a room that is nice and clean makes me feel like the day will be productive, and also is a great surprise when I come back at night to a tidy room.
    • Sit down and enjoy your coffee: This won’t work everyday, but it’s nice when it can happen. Go to a cafe before school or work and sit down and enjoy the atmosphere and your coffee. Take it all in instead of putting down your morning cup of Joe while rushing to your responsibilities.
    • Do a little make-up self tutorial: I’m not sure how your morning routine goes, but I don’t usually wake up with enough time to open my make up bag, wash my face, and do my make up in the mirror. So if you want to feel a little better one day, wake up a little earlier, turn on some music, lay out all of your products, and paint your face like a masterpiece. There’s something about actually getting ready in the morning that lets you leaving confident and ready!


    • Walk with your earbuds in like you’re in your own movie: If you have time on your lunch break, take 10-15 minutes, plug in your music, and strut like you’re the lead in your own movie. Feel’s empowering.
    • Journal: This works for some and not for others. But if you’re into journalling or blogging, this is a great way to get out negativity in the middle of your day and press the restart button.


    • Workout: I don’t know about you, but working out and getting my blood pumping always makes me feel better.
    • Wash your face before bed: Sometimes I don’t do this because I am too lazy. But taking off my make up at night, washing up my face, and applying a night lotion, really puts me in a good mood before bed.
    • Unplug for 15 minutes: This is way harder than it sounds, but it does wonders. Take 15 minutes and don’t touch any electronics. Sit there, with a cup of delicious tea, and read, think, or meditate. Whatever your thing is, just be for 15 minutes. I guarantee that at about 6 minutes in your thumbs will be itching to touch a screen.
    • Take a bath: Rinsing off the day off work and relaxing in a nice hot bath, with a bath bomb or Epsom Salt, is a great way to relax before hitting the hay.
    • Deep condition your hair: Before you get into the bath, put on a deep conditioning mask and sit with it in your hair while you’re in the tub. Once you rinse it out, your hair will be luscious and hydrated!


    Obviously, you can move these ideas around to fit your schedule, those are just when I prefer to practice self-care. Also, remember that eating healthy and staying hydrated throughout the day is pertinent to feeding your body what it needs to stay refreshed and positive.

    I hope this has been helpful. Please comment and let me know your thoughts!

    kiss, kiss

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