My Exact Workout Routine for a Week

I am super excited to share this post with you guys, since I’ve gotten a lot of requests on my workout routine lately and what I’ve been doing to stay motivated. I’m going to take that as a huge compliment, but also as motivation to keep doing more because we can all always improve. Working out and being healthy is one of those things that is fun to talk about, but when you’re in a slump, just getting started, or way too busy, its not so fun putting it into action.

My fitness journey has been all over the place, it’s a lot to get into, so I’ll delve into that in one of my upcoming posts. I’ve been up, down, and way down; all over the spectrum. I was a competitive gymnast, dancer, and ice skater growing up until I was 14, so I never really had to think about working out or my body fitness. When I turned fifteen, I focused on ice skating, and my weight went all over the board (again, that’s a story for my next post). Once I stopped competing and went to college, I had to figure out how to hold off that Freshman 15, and learn to build a workout that suited my body that wasn’t sports centered.

Before we get going, I want to preface this by saying that I am not an expert, my exercise and experience comes from a childhood of intense sports, and young adult years of building a regime that works for my body. What works for me, might not work for you, or it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s important that you’re aware of your body, how it operates, how hard you can push yourself, and what you need to do to recover. More than that, we have to remember that our bodies are all different. Some people naturally have a faster metabolism, skinnier legs, curvier hips, big or small chests, and its important to be okay with that because as much as we can change and tone up our bodies, what we’ve got underneath is going to stay the same. Some people really lucked out in the gene pool and don’t have to work as hard, focusing on eating and maintaining a strong workout regime as others.

For me, I don’t have a horrible base, but I have to work hard to maintain this “fit” shape and to feel good about the way I look. If I stop working out for a while, it’s noticeable, and unfortunately I’m not one of those people that just gets skinner when they don’t work out. It’s always a hard fact to understand and acknowledge your natural body shape. My roommate during my senior year of college, and one of my best friends, is one of those naturally skinny people. This girl ate cookies for breakfast almost every day, (I’m not talking about those healthy oat cookies either) I’m talking about full on pink sugar cookies with sprinkles. When you looked at our pantry, you could easily tell which snacks were mine and which were hers. Now, I love that girl with all my heart, but you better believe that some days it was harder to motivate myself to go to the gym when the natural fact of how we had to treat our bodies were way different. On the other hand though, just because someone has good genes doesn’t mean they don’t ever put in work. Regardless of your body and how fast it changes, abs don’t just appear overnight and you aren’t born with healthy habits.

With all that said, no one’s body is better than someone else’s, and as hard as it is, I want to challenge you to CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Getting the ideal body that YOU want, will be much easier, if you do so. I want to make sure that we understand that while it is important for us to make goals and strive to be the best we can be, we shouldn’t allow society to dictate the “perfect” body.

Okay, so if you’ve made it all the way through to this part, congratulations! Since I’ve recently been getting a lot of requests regarding my weekly workout routine, I thought I would put together a guide of my exact workout routine for one week. My workout routines change from day to day and week to week. I put all of these together myself, but like to pull inspiration from workouts on Pinterest, Instagram, and from fitness idols on Instagram. I’ve previously purchased workouts from Katya Elise, but found that I needed to add more to the workout and switch it up to get better results for my body. I have also heard high recommendations about Kayla Itsines’ workouts, which you can find here.

If you guys like these workout guides, I’d be happy to share more. But for now, give it a go. You can click here to download a pdf version of the whole week. The guide highlights five days of workouts; adjust the days as it best works for your schedule. Now get off your cute booty and get your sweat on!

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