The Green Room
Sofitel Brings Wellingtons Only Gin Bar

Scores of gin distilleries have been cropping up across the globe, with a new class of drink artisans helping re-popularise the summertime classic. This resurgence has propagated a global trend of gin bars.

The clear spirit, which for decades has taken the back seat to vodka, is enjoying new found popularity with thousands of distilleries opening up worldwide.

A growing thirst for the spirit has caused a surge in the number of distilleries in the U.K to 40-plus in the past two years. This emergence of new style gins and premium mixers has caught interest around the globe and is slowly making its way to New Zealand.

New Zealand now has 12 up-and-coming premium gin distilleries.

Leading the resurgence in Wellington is the aptly named Green Room at Sofitel, Wellingtons resident 5-Star hotel.

The Green Room is going beyond the humble but stalwart gin and tonic to serve an inspired botanically driven gin menu. Designed in collaboration with East Imperial’s brand ambassador Timothy Martin, the menu embodies the story of Sofitel and presents a variety of flavour profiles to create the perfect combination.

“For us, the story telling is a big part of the menu. It embodies the Sofitel experience and values locality of ingredients to create the perfect combination. East Imperial is a New Zealand company and the only tonic company in the world that still sources its ingredients from original places, quinine from Java and Ginger from Africa.”

Back in the early 20th Century, gin based cocktails included Collinses, Fizzes, and Rickeys. At the Green Room however, variations are modernised and given a uniquely Wellington twist.

All gins and various types of tonics on the menu have very different flavour profiles, each matched together with herbs, spices, and fruit to create the perfect combination.

The 1868 Gin Tonic takes its name from the year in which Wellington botanical gardens first opened. Its namesake is tasted through the bold flavours of Tanqueray Ten Gin, east Imperial Burma Tonic and the addition of kawakawa leaf and dehydrated lime into the mix.

Those looking for a more citrus libation can try the Bloom Bay Highball enhanced with Mombassa Ginger beer, Manuka, coriander and lime. The gin of choice, Lighthouse Original Gin, has two main botanicals ingredients of coriander seeds and Yen Ben lemons. The fresh

coriander and lime are then added to accentuate the flavours of the gin and ginger beer together to add a bit of spice. The Manuka flower is there to add to the individual story of that spirit.

For a slightly different note, try the Puppets and Pears, a classic gin and tonic that celebrates the connections between the Jardin du Lexembourg and Sofitel Wellington. The drink embodies the hotel history through its pairing of Hendricks Gin and East Imperial Yuzu Tonic, infused with pear slices and cucumber ribbons.

The Green Room, Wellingtons only botanically gin bar, is set to open on [Date].


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