Hey x, I’m Samantha Jayneen.

As you know, a lifestyle blog encompasses well just that “your lifestyle”. So what you’ll see here are all things that I prioritize in my life: travel, personal growth, fitness and overall wellness. I’m here to promote an active lifestyle and self-love beyond anything else. I’ve been to 24 countries and counting, all within the last three years of my life. I don’t do well sitting still, being stagnant, and letting time pass without setting and achieving new goals.

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hi., then moved to Portland, Oregon, when I was fifteen to further my competitive skating career. Oh yeah, there’s that…I grew up in Hawaii, but was a competitive ice skater. Pretty backwards huh? I competed all throughout high school, and experienced intense amounts of self-doubt, body image misconceptions, and an unhealthy relationship with food. I want to share my story and experiences to help others see that their self-worth doesn’t reflect their body and promote a healthy relationship with food. After high school, I left my competitive career to attend Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington where I earned a major in Communications and minor in Fashion Merchandising in Apparel Design. 

After graduation, I moved across the world to New Zealand, where I interned for several months at Lily and Louis Public Relations. This was my first big trip out of the country by myself. During my time there, I managed social media campaigns for several different companies, wrote press releases for a multitude of different companies, and marketed high profile events through brand ambassadors and media.

But life for me has taken a complete 180. I chose to leave the secure planned out life I had with a boy, a future career, and an apartment to do what I always wanted to do as a little girl.

Now I am a professional ice skater performing in shows around the world. You can currently find my address in the middle of the ocean for the second time. Two years ago, in November I left for the Oasis of the Seas, the first professional ice skating contracts of many. So much about what I thought I wanted and who I wanted to be changed on that first contract. I met people from around the world, explored both the caribbean and european itineraries, experienced heartbreak and a whirlwind of emotion through different flings and self exploration; needless to say, I loved the adventure. One contract turned to another, and a few months after my first contract ended, my second on began on the Voyager of the Seas touring the South Pacific. I realized life is ever changing, out of my control, challenging me to take it as it comes and embrace adventure. 


Ironically, I’m a planner, but I’ve thrown caution to the wind, given up everything in my life that is stable and certain, and decided to somehow live my life on the edge. I love planners, organizational lists, and throwing them all away to take on spontaneous adventures.

Late mornings are my favorite because breakfast and coffee is a big event for me,

Fitness plays a crucial role in my life, makes me feel productive and motivated for the day thats ahead. 

I want all women (and men) to learn to love their bodies and acknowledge that their worth isn’t reflected in their appearance.

I’m a bit scatter brained, yet I have a tendency to hyper-focus on specific things, sometimes to a fault.

I love to inspire others, explore new relationships and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I’m in for the adventures that this world has and I can’t wait to share more of them and more of who I am with all of you.

To contact and collaborate, please contact me: samstevens95@gmail.com

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