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  • Europcar continues its pledge to support strong athleticism through an ongoing partnership with the National Basketball League.
  • Europcar recognizes the importance of providing basketball fans with greater access to games through its diverse fleet of vehicles.

Just weeks before the tip-off, the NBL announced that Europcar will continue Moving Your Way as the Official Car Rental Partner to the National Basketball League for the 2017-18 Season.

This third year partnership will prove to be a very beneficial partnership as the league continues to widen its reach.

Europcar continues onboard along with the NBL’s other travel industry partners to leverage the international links, but also take advantage of the Australian footprint that can be created with Europcar and the other booking partners.

The NBL is a part of the global basketball brand and has a strong agenda to collaborate with leagues across Asia and the U.S., therefore the international reach of Europcar is very complimentary to the strategy.

Basketball is family oriented activity. which aligns well with the journey Europcar provides to gain access and attendance to exciting games all over the country.

The NBL Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Loeliger thanked Europcar as it moved into the third year of its partnership with the NBL.

“The international reach of Europcar is very complementary to leagues global strategy. With its strong presence through Australia and New Zealand, Europcar will also help us communicate to local audiences, which is critical to attracting new fans to our great games.”

Europcar is also a proud sponsor directly of the New Zealand Breakers, supplying all their car rental needs.


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