• Try Instead: 10 Alternatives to New Years Resolutions

    This year I am trying something new. Every year, I do the same-ol’ make a New Years resolution that is so vague and abstract that it never actually gets accomplished. This “new year, new me” resolution that everyone makes, mostly jokingly now, never fully gets accomplished. Instead of the “embrace the change and wipe the slate clean” cringing resolutions, I’ve decided to make goals for myself. Here are a list of different types of goals and alternatives to making a resolution for 2018.

    1. Make a bucket list
    2. Schedule self-care
    3. Write a letter to your future self
    4. Pick a word of the month
    5. 365 day project or challenge
    6.  Make 90 day goals
    7. Decide what to track or measure
    8. Use this habit changing prompt
    9. Create a list of things to look forward to this year
    10. Say yes (to one new thing each week)

    Cheers to a positive and productive 2018, and the hopes that this year will bring on new challenges and accomplishments.

    Kiss, kiss

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