• Cheers to a Successful January

    Happy New Year readers! I hope everyone’s year is starting off with a positive outlook and an appetite for adventure. January is actually one of my favorite months of the year, simply because it is an arbitrary clean slate. It is a time to believe and restart. An opportunity to clean up messes that have been made in 2017, theoretically. How are you planning on having a successful start to 2018? Resolutions, goals, adventures, meditation – what’s the go for you?

    Maybe you aren’t sure yet. I’ve created a quick list of what is on my agenda for success, and maybe that will inspire yours or give you a different outlook. To start off the new year I’ve decided to do the following:

    1. Reflect on 2017: First, I’m taking a look back at 2017, seeing what worked with self-love, productivity, and relationships. Throughout the years, I have realized that without evaluation, it is difficult to see what needs to be looked forward to the following year.
    2. Create big picture goals: You don’t have to have goals that fit into every generic category — relationships, health, school, career, family, etc., instead figure out what areas you’d most like to change or improve this year. Hone in on what these specific successes would look like and try to be more specific that “lose weight” or “get a job”. This year, I am challenging myself to make at least one of these goals something I am afraid of, that way, if all else fails, I can reflect on this as my 2018 success.
    3. Break these goals down into smaller ones: Having big-ticket goals are good for the spectrum of a year, but difficult to accomplish without some stepping stones. For example, if my goal is to save up to buy a house by the end of the year, I would maybe make my smaller goals into paying off credit card debt, or taking on a side-job to increase savings. Look at those big goals you’ve made and see how they can break down into stepping stones for the year.
    4. Put these smaller goals into your calendar: Now that you have these smaller goals set up, here’s the hardest part. Put them down into your calendar. Figure out, where you should be by what time of the year. For instance, if you’re saving up for something, try to plot out at what point you should have “x” amount of money in your savings. Give yourself wiggle room, and know that finances may not go according to plan – but this way you have an attainable idea of how to get to where you want within the year.
    5. Pick someone to prove yourself to: Let’s face it – hard work is difficult and as much as we would love to always be motivated by ourselves to go above an beyond to achieve our goals, sometimes this can prove to be difficult. This is why, although seemingly childish, identify to one person (that may not necessarily believe in you for this goal). Having this person in mind to prove wrong will help you on days you don’t feel motivated. This person’s naysaying will be fuel to drive you straight to the finish line. Now this doesn’t mean you’re achieving this goal for that person by any means, this is just to help you during those times you’re in a rut.

    So cheers everyone to a successful 2018, I hope these tips can be useful to you in whatever avenues you choose to improve.

    Kiss, kiss

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