• Top 10 Websites for Flying on a Budget

    Years ago, the idea of traveling around the world was, well, just that; an idea. However, times have changed and with the emergence of cheap flights offered by budget airlines and numerous sky search apps, that idea has become a possibility. Now, if you’re like me, you want this to become your reality. So, the question is, how can we become those people that fly around the globe and explore the wonders of the world with the limited budget of a twenty-something year old, fresh out of college? The answer is simple, but I would argue, takes a bit of research.

    Take a look at my top 10 favorite websites when searching for the best price in the sky. And no, I’m not sponsored by any of these (although that’d be nice), so these are honestly my favorite apps that I’ve used for myself and friends to help get to their destination.

    Side note: I have put multiple different third party search tools you may recognize including Expedia, Sky Scanner, and Cheap-O-Air because believe they come up with different prices and fees depending on the airline and insurance on the site. Also, remember to check the baggage fees on the airline you’re booking because they may end up making your ticket more than going with a different airline. Hence, I recommend quickly scanning all the third party sites provided here.

    No. 1: Travel Pirates

    Travel Pirates is a website that provides budget travel flights, cruises, and packages to destinations all across the globe. The “pirates” are a group of flight experts, bloggers, and travel enthusiasts that work as your online laborers on the hunt for bargains for you to use. The offers put onto the website come from countless online travel providers that have been triple checked for price accuracy and a high quality experience.

    No. 2: Momondo

    Momondo is a free global travel search site comparing billions of cheap flights at your fingertips. Momondo doesn’t directly sell the flight tickets, but rather, displays the available prices and takes you directly to your chosen site where the booking is completed.

    No. 3: Pomelo Travel

    Pomelo Travel is one of my new favorite destination search tools. Rather than being a specific destination and flight search, Pomelo sends offers on extremely low prices leaving to and from locations around the world. The team at Pomelo hunts for extreme low price dates, mistake fairs, and last-minute lowered prices that airlines do not advertise and sends it directly to your inbox. Just go to the website and subscribe to either the free or premier version. The free version sends three emails per week on flight deals to one location, from departing locations around the United States and includes with specific instructions on how to book.

    No. 4: Cheap-O-Air

    Cheap-O-Air is a third party booking site that allows you to search for your destination and departure date and provides a list of the cheapest airfares around. Once you choose, you’ll be taken to the site where the booking is completed. With this site, there are flexible days that may leave a day before or after that are cheaper and recommended. This is a great option if you don’t have strict days for your vacation. The premium subscribers get all of the deals, are the first to know, and most importantly, have customizable emails that are specified to departure locations from just your region. Even if you only use the free version, I suggest signing up to receive the emails (if nothing else, it’ll keep you inspired and always looking for travel deals).

    No. 5: Airfare Watchdog

    Airfare Watchdog is a flight search website that makes travel planning easier by doing the work for you. This third party site allows you to search to or from a city, see the cheapest times to fly to that destination, and compare it with other price deals. Not to mention, you can set up fare price alerts to let you know when your purchase will be at its cheapest!

    No. 6: Sky Scanner

    Sky Scanner is another third party free flight search tool that helps you find cheap flights, plane tickets, and travel deals with hundreds of airlines to your favorite destination.

    No. 7: Yapta

    Yapta is a bit different, but it’s still an incredible tool to use! Yafta is a place to go to get airline refunds after you buy. Once you buy your ticket, if the price of your flight drops below what you paid, Yapta will help you refund the difference. Here’s how it works: 1) add your flight details 2) receive refund alerts 3) claim your airline refund. The terms of each airline are different on the website, meaning some will refund any different amount, while others will only refund if the price drops, say $100 or more.

    No. 8: Google Flights

    Google flights helps you compare and track airline fees on hundreds of airlines to get the best deal. It also shows you cheaper alternative days you can fly to the same location.

    No. 9: Expedia

    As you most likely know, Expedia is a third party website that compares flight fares across different airlines and connections. Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel companies with an extensive brand portfolio that includes very reliable brands along with easy use.

    No. 10: Hopper

    Hopper is a mobile app that doesn’t just let you book flights from the convenience of your phone, but it also tells you when the best time is to buy. Different from other third party sites, Hopper works by making predictions on when your flight will be the cheapest. All you have to do is plug in your flight dates and the site will recommend whether to book now or wait to book. You may be skeptical of this, but don’t be! The Hopper team analyzes the data on flight prices over the airline history and shares their insightful predictions, which have shown 95% accuracy.

    Now, go on and search for your journey! Any thoughts or other favorite sites? Please comment below.

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