• More Motivation Tips and Tricks

    As the month of January has gone underway, I have already felt myself lose motivation. So, I got back into it and looked at more ways to help you all (and myself) stay motivated and make things happen for 2018! Here are seven ways to keep yourself motivated towards your goals.

    1. Create big picture goals: Figure out what your specific goals are and understand them in a large scale way. For instance, if you’re interested in losing weight, that is your overarching goal. Now, there are obviously ways we need to get to that, but find out what the big picture is and set on it.
    2. Break these goals down into smaller ones: Having big-ticket goals are good for the spectrum of a year, but difficult to accomplish without some stepping stones. For example, if my goal is to save up to buy a house by the end of the year, I would maybe make my smaller goals into paying off credit card debt, or taking on a side-job to increase savings. Look at those big goals you’ve made and see how they can break down into stepping stones for the year.
    3. Plot these goals into your calendar: Now that you have these smaller goals set up, here’s the hardest part. Put them down into your calendar. Figure out, where you should be by what time of the year.
    4. Make a list of reasons why you want to accomplish the goal: We live in a world full of distractions, and with a busy life and everything at our fingertips, it’s very easy to get taken off course. This is why you need to truly set on your goal. Think of this idea like insurance for your goal. For extra protection, create a list of why you want this goal to be succeeded. Sometimes when we get side-tracked, if we look back on why we want something to be done, it will motivate us to get back on track and make it happen.
    5. Get help when you need it: This one is more general, and depending on what your goal is can influence the type of help you may need. Getting help may come in the form of talking to a friend, joining a group to keep you accountable, or getting a workout buddy. Often times when we tell our goals or do them with a friend, we will stay committed because we have someone else doing it with us.
    6. Make a list of ways you’ll get yourself back on track (if and when your motivation dwindles): This one is huge. As much as we like to think that as soon as we set our goals we will go forward and not falter, that is highly unusual. So in order to protect yourself from giving up, before you start your goal, create a list of ways you can turn to, to get you back into the swing of things. For instance, if you’re interested in losing weight, get help by committing to go to certain workout classes that come with your membership each week so you’re held accountable. This way, if you aren’t feeling motivated by yourself, you can have someone else push you to work out. Or, buy a training package for a few weeks. This is expensive, but if you get the smallest package, when you start to feel less motivated, it may help you to get back on track, and you can keep going on your own. Other outlets for eating healthy and working out are online support groups, they are extremely easy to find, just search Facebook!
    7. Pick someone to prove yourself to: Let’s face it – hard work is difficult and as much as we would love to always be motivated by ourselves to go above an beyond to achieve our goals, sometimes this can prove to be difficult. This is why, although seemingly childish, identify to one person (that may not necessarily believe in you for this goal). Having this person in mind to prove wrong will help you on days you don’t feel motivated. This person’s nay saying will be fuel to drive you straight to the finish line. Now this doesn’t mean you’re achieving this goal for that person by any means, this is just to help you during those times you’re in a rut.

    I hope these ways will help you stay motivated and on track with your goals. Keep your eye on the prize and be smart about insuring yourself when you get off-track. You can do it!

    kiss, kiss

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