• Adulting 101: What Should’ve been Required Common Curriculum

    Whether you graduate college and become a teacher, a waitress, a CEO; there are basic adult life fundamentals that every single person will need to learn and apply in their lives. And, these are things that so many college graduates do not know how to do! Here’s five basic topics that should’ve been included in Adulting 101.

    Attending a university is one of the most rewarding, growing experiences of a lifetime. It teaches you how to live on your own, develop your own perspectives, learn how to be independent and co-dependent on relationships, and learning about interests outside of those you grew up in. However, college curriculum saturates your knowledge in what career you will go into that they forget to teach us about the basics of being a functional, financially responsible adult in America.

    As I go through these recent graduate months of my life, I’m a bit overwhelmed if I’m starting the financial process late or missing out and missing up on things. I see how different adults and families around me have varying financial situations and I wonder how and where that started. I hear my friends joining corporate companies talking about opening a 401(k), investing in this or that, and getting so much or little return on taxes. How do they know what to do? How am I supposed to know what to do, whats the right option, when to start? Whether you’re in college or in the beginning stages of your career, I can rest assured in the comfort that maybe you’re in the same position as I am.

    I’ve got good news, I’ve created a list of topics that should’ve been taught to us in school. So welcome everyone to Adulting 101.

    For the first day, I am going to summarize five topics that will be covered in class. These will be spelled out throughout five lessons (or posts) that I feel are crucial to the success of your adulthood. To pass, just read along. For extra credit, comment below on what to include in Adulting 102.

    So lets begin. The topics we will explore include:

    1. Taxes
    2. Obtaining and Maintaining a Good Credit Score
    3. Investing and 401(k)
    4. Insurance
    5. Negotiating Salaries

    Thats our introduction for today, stay tuned for Lesson one, as I research and discuss with professions and experienced adults on the basics and best tips and tricks for doing your taxes. Class dismissed.

    kiss, kiss

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