Where I’m Beginning

The Italian language when heard is beautiful, transcendent even, taking me to a place where I’m the leading protagonist in a romantic comedy with swirling cameras, soft accordions playing, and an old Italian man singing as we proceed down the river. Here, I am on my romantic vacation with the man of my dreams, interlocking hands, exchanging glances, and ah-ing at beautiful structures as we pass by buildings and under bridges. Both of us carefree of anything and everything else, just swept away by the love saturated in the Italian culture.

All this, of course, just orchestrated in my Disney princess imagination, when really, I’m sitting on a twelve-hour flight, in a tight airplane seat, with a faint smell of someone’s unwashed feet a few rows ahead, and it was just the older Italian flight attendant looking over to ask me, “do you want chicken or pasta?”

“Chicken or pasta?” he repeated, this time in English when he saw the confusion in my face.

So yes, back to reality. Here I am, an unemployed, recently single, broke post-graduate on my first trip out of the United States, excluding Canada of course, looking for an outlet and a starting point of my career. I’ve very recently decided that finally, my journey is going to be led by my heart, a broken one but a heart none-the-less. It will be my guide to the journey ahead and my feet are just here to follow.

This time is truly for me. There is no one, nothing, that I have to worry about to keep me from going wherever I am meant to go and do whatever I am destined to do.

So there you have it, a snip-bit of where I currently stand. But don’t feel too bad for me, I’m on my way to a quick layover in Rome for God sakes before heading to explore the sunny islands of Greece. Not only that, but even though I am unemployed, I’ve worked three jobs in college, so I’ve learned how to manage my money wisely enough in order to plan my travels that lie ahead. And, in one more month, I will be packing up and departing to Auckland, New Zealand for a ten-week internship at Lily & Louis Public Relations Company, followed by one month of to-be-determined travel.

As I said, it’ll all be okay, I know it. I’m only slightly worried. But, whatever screen you’re reading this on, just know you’ll continue to see a whirlwind of emotions had, endless lessons learned, tips and tricks I learn along the way, and of course, problems that will arise and somehow be solved.

My hope is that you’re at least slightly interested, or maybe vicariously living through me, or even just downright amused at the pathetic pit I am in, to tune in for more.


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