• 10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

    If there was a way to go back in time and tell yourself the things that you know now, what would it be? In life, situations arise and people come into your life at different reasons to leave an impression and teach you something good or bad. These experiences are important to have, but sometimes it would’ve been nice to have the future me make it easier.

    No 1. Have more confidence in yourself

    Having confidence is key to success. If you have to, then fake it till you feel it. If you don’t believe it at first, keep telling yourself you are beautiful and successful, and eventually you will believe it and others will too. Self-reflection is healthy but self-doubt is not. Confidence is beautiful, cockiness isn’t. Find the midpoint between confidence and boastfulness and let your true beauty shine though.

    No. 2 You don’t ever have to settle for the right boy

    Make a list of values of what you will accept and not accept from another person in a relationship and stick to them. Understand that in any relationship, there will need to be compromises, but hold your standards high and do not compromise the things that are most important to you. Hold your values and the right boy will love you for everything and all that you are. Do not settle.

    No 3. It is important to work to learn the value of a dollar, but remember that money doesn’t buy happiness or experience

    Yes, it is extremely important to work and to understand how much it takes to be an adult, how much things cost, and what it means to work for what you want. However, remember that money isn’t everything. Make sure to take time off for yourself and spend time with your family and friends because without them, money is nothing.

    No 4. Trust your gut

    ALWAYS trust your intuition because most of the time, it is right. If a situation feels uncomfortable, be cautious. If a boy feels like bad news, be aware of the signs and trust your feelings to avoid heart break. If you come to a crossroad in your life, think logically about the pros and cons, but lean on that intuition of yours.

    No 5. Don’t give power to situations that do not deserve it

    Unfortunately, this sounds a lot easier than it is. Do not give power to situations that do not deserve it. Try your best to focus on the things in your life that bring you joy and avoid dwelling on the parts that remind you of of the pain. The more you dwell on them, the harder they will hurt. Relieve your worries.

    6. You will not have to prove that you are “good enough” to your true friends

    Your friends that love you will love you for all of you; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    No 7. Don’t give your time to people that do not make time for you

    Do not dwell on those that do not want to spend time with you. The street works both ways and if you are the only one putting in effort, then decide to move on. No one likes to feel unwanted and that is understandable, but do not let that person have power over you and stop you from enjoying your life or spending time with people that do love you. People make time for those that they want in their life. If it is a friend, make an effort to spend time with them, and if it doesn’t happen understand that people are busy and move forward kindly. If it is a boy, he will make time for you if he wants to. If he wants to ask you out, he will. Don’t chase those that don’t want to be chased.

    No 8. Find happiness within yourself first

    You are responsible for your own happiness. Do not blame your unhappiness on others. Yes, there may be some people in your life that make you feel unhappy, but it is your job to remove yourself if that is the case. Make sure you know who you are and you are happy with it first. Don’t lose yourself in your friends or any boys. Live your experiences and don’t sacrifice any of them for another person or you may regret not having them later. The best relationships are independently dependent.

    No 9. Listen to your mom, sometimes she’s actually right

    The advice that your mom gives you when you are younger typically doesn’t stick, but as you grow up, you will see where she was right. Take the experiences that she tells you, those endless stories, and listen to the lesson she is trying to teach you. Listen to the situations that she has been through to protect yourself from those same mistakes. She wants to protect you, and as hard as it is to believe it, mom knows best.

    No 10. Everything is going to be okay

    It may not feel like it at this moment in time, but everything will be okay. You are going to grow separate from some friends, have arguments with your family, get your heart broken (over and over again), feel alone, doubt yourself, and lose loved ones. But, nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. In those times of sadness or doubt, think about the person you want to be instead. Think about the other times you felt like this in your life and how they seem so small now. You will be okay and life will bring experiences and people than are better than you could have imagined.


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