Shakespear Park

Just a 40 minute drive from Auckland City, Shakespear is New Zealand’s most visited and accessible open sanctuary integrating conservation, recreation and farming. We decided to spend the day there exploring all the different aspects this conservation had to share.

Shakespear park has three beaches, Te Haruhi Bay, Army Bay, and Okoramai Bay. Te Haruhi Bay is a beautiful sandy beach located inside the fence, at the south western end of the park. Army Bay, another gorgeous spot, is located at the park entrance on the north western side of the park. Finally, Okoromai Bay is located outside the fence, at the south western end of the park. This is a very tidal beach where cockles, or shells, are gathered.

As well, there are two main forest areas at Shakespear Park. One of these areas is Waterfall Gully, which we were unable to visit at that time. The second is at Kowhai Glen, an area of bush along the eastern end of the park which can be best accessed by taking a walk on a part of the Tiri Tiri track. After briefly stopping at the beaches, we took this track up to a 360-degree view of Auckland’s city skyline showcasing the islands of the Hauraki Gulf, Wenderholm and Mahurangi Regional Parks; all of which are clearly visible from the lookout. From there, we followed the lookout across the top of the extremely windy hills and through the gates. Throughout this trail, we walked behind a heard of cows, right next to many sheep and baby lambs, and through the trees with different beautiful New Zealand birds.

We managed to finish the park walk right before the rain hit hard. Stay tuned to see what our next adventures holds, but for now enjoy these cute pictures of us and the beauty of Shakespear Park.

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