Hobbiton Movie Set Tour

Alright, so this one’s a little bit of a funny and embarrassing story, but I promised to be real so here it goes.

Remember that friendly face from Seattle that I visited on the South Island at the beginning of my trip? Well that special person came to my island this time. We left straight from the airport and headed just passed Hamilton into Hobbiton town. Before our tour at 2pm, we stopped at this little restaurant to have lunch. The food was absolutely delicious. I had a classy twist on a ham, egg, and cheese quesadilla, with fresh veggies and salsa. Im telling you this because it is important to this story.

Anyways, from there we rushed over to our tour, through the beautiful green pastures and up over the hill until we reached the Hobbiton Movie Set. Carson (if you didn’t know him by name yet) could barely contain himself, literally (and yes, I actually mean literally) jumped out of the car as soon as I stopped to go check us in.

Within 15 minutes we started the tour, taking the bus to the top of the hill, where we were let out and guided through the hobbit holes. I made it maybe the first 10 minutes of the tour before I started to feel sick. It got so bad throughout the next 20 minutes, that I lagged behind the group trying not to upchuck my lovely lunch that I enjoyed so much.

This didn’t last long, before the guide noticed and asked if I was alright. I tried to play it cool for a bit longer, before needing to skip the rest of the tour and meet where it ends. So that was that. I ran through the rest of the Hobbiton tour by myself straight to the Green Dragon. Needless to say, I ran by so quickly that I didn’t get to appreciate the set much. However, I could describe the bathroom stall to you in extreme detail, because I saw that for quite a bit as I tasted my lunch for a second time.

Cute, right?

Anyways, luckily I got it all out and felt better once the tour ended. I met up with the rest of the group in the Green Dragon and had a glass of the delicious house-brewed ginger beer to help my stomach. Thank god I got it all out then because the rest of the day I was able to enjoy.

So here are some beautiful pictures, courtesy of Carson Wall, since the entire tour, I was a little pre-occupied. Also, you’ll notice there’s a few pictures of me taken in the beginning 10 minutes that I got to enjoy.

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