Westcoast Winter Weekend

This weekend, we took to the west coast to explore three of the popular North Island beaches, plus a beautiful six tier waterfall. This time, it was the three Americans and our Kiwi-Scotish friend Lochy. It’s sometimes hard to understand his kiwi-slang and Scotish accent, he’s a fun mate nonetheless. The four of us live in the same student/intern housing unit which is like a hostel in Ponsonby. We all have our own rooms, tiny, but they do the trick, with a shared kitchen and living space. Some people are more talkative and social, guilty, and others go about their business working, studying, and sleeping. If I’m being honest, this internship experience for me is only slightly about the job experience, mostly its about the travel. I’ll do anything to get out there an explore the places outside my own home.

First we headed to Te Henga or Bethells Beach, a nice beach in the Waitakere Ranges. Not only is the coast beautiful, but there are sand dunes and volcanic caves to explore. We spent most of our time here, exploring the several different sized caves, walking around the beach with the black sand between our toes, and watching the surfers come in freezing in their wetsuits. Our second stop was Kitekite Falls, a beautiful 3 tier waterfall. It was a short hike about 45 minutes into the Waitakere Ranges. Perfect place for a lunch stop. About five minutes down the road, we came upon beautiful Piha beach, one of New Zealand’s most famous surf beaches. Piha is a scenic black-sand surf beach on the rugged coast of West Auckland. The final stop was Karekare beach, only a few more minutes down the road. Our plan was to watch the sunset, but unfortunately, the weather didn’t permit it.

We drove about one hour back to our place in Ponsonby.  It was a day well spent I’d say.
Stay tuned for more.

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