Welcome to Blue Springs

I have never stopped more on one short hike to take pictures than here in Blue Springs. Everywhere we looked was absolutely beautiful; clear waters, forest green trees, and rolling pastures in the distance.

The Blue Spring at Te Waihou Walkway is internationally acclaimed with water so pure it supplies 70% of New Zealand’s bottled water. The Spring is fed from the Mamaku Plateua, where the water takes up to one hundred years to filter through. As a result, the water is so pure and clean that it produces a beautiful blue color while also being clear and almost transparent.
The walk to the springs followed alongside the Waihou River. There were several peeks along the walk that were allocated for different physical activity levels. We walked along the springs from the carpark through the walkway until we reached the top loop. This walk was a perfect short activity for our Sunday afternoon.

This journey was absolutely the destination. Stay tuned for more adventures. Cheers.

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