Funny Story on my 11.5 Hour Plane Ride

So at this point, you’re probably all aware that Im currently on my way from Seattle to Christchurch, New Zealand. I am taking three planes to get to Christchurch, the first from Seattle to Los Angeles, the second from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji, and the final one to Christchurch. The first and third flights are short, but the middle flight from the states to Fiji was 11.5 hours and took place overnight.

Before I tell you my story, I was originally supposed to be placed in a middle seat. But, lets just say it pays off to run through the LAX airport to get to the international terminal and be the first in line for the counter. Needless to say, $10 later, I have a nice window seat in the front of the plane. Not sure, but this is probably the best, smartest $10 I’ve ever spent.

But anyways, here’s my first memorable experience of this trip, and I’m not even in New Zealand yet (this is going to be an incredible trip). So, I was in seat 8A, on a two-four-two set up plane. I had the window seat sitting next to an older Fijian woman who is now living in Canada. She was a sweetheart, but as soon as I sat down, was extremely grateful that I was a “sweet, innocent”girl instead of a man. She immediately began talking to me about her family that lives across the globe. Now, it’s 11:30 and just took some Benedryl, so I’m fighting to stay awake and be social. She begins asking me about my boy situation, asking if I am married or single. When I laughed and told her I was single, she began to try to set me up with her 30-something year old son that is dating a “bossy Chinese woman” that she’s not a fan of, her words not mine.

After I laughed that one off, she told me about this Fijian dish that she always brings on the airplane. From what I understood, it is a whole wheat tortilla, filled with salmon and potatoes. Im not a salmon person, but I thought it was harmless and I didn’t want to be rude, so I kindly said commented that I’m sure that was delicious.

Little did I know, she then turns around a whips out these two huge wraps that she made and tears apart the wrapper and hands me one. First of all, as I said, I’m not a salmon person. But more importantly, you would know that I am uncomfortable taking food from strangers, like lots of people, but also that I’m a very paranoid person. So not only am I freaking out about eating food from a stranger, but my mind is going crazy on what potential germs and maybe even, drugs that are in there. So there I am, practically forced to eat this wrap thing of hers. As I’m painfully swallowing, I’m trying to think of ways to get out of eating all of it without being rude. I’m such a bad liar and all I could think of was, “I’m actually gluten free, so I can only eat a little without getting an allergic reaction, so thanks for letting me try a bit of it.”

Smooth right? Well, I thought it was until they brought out midnight pretzel snacks and a bagel in the morning that I couldn’t eat, even though I was starving because I was now gluten free in her eyes. So, needless to say, my little white lie turned around and bit me in the ass.

Also, I’m pretty sure because we were “sharing” food now, that she stole some of my apple slices that were in the seat pocket in front of me while I slept.

I should’ve said right away that I don’t eat fish (which is true) or that I simply don’t take food from strangers, but nope, I didn’t say either of those things.

So now, I’m sitting here in the Fiji airport, with some dude snoring away in the seat next to me, waiting for my final flight to Christchurch. I can’t help but to laugh and get excited about the all the memories I will make and stories I will tell from these three months of traveling in New Zealand.

Stay tuned for more laughable, pathetic, yet entertaining snip bits of my life over these next few months.

Kiss, kiss

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