Internship at Lily & Louis

For the past two weeks now, I have been working as the new intern at Lily and Louis PR company in Freeman’s Bay in Auckland. Lily and Louis is a boutique consumer PR agency that provides specialized content for the media consumers and social channels. It is a lifestyle PR company that has leading category coverage with some of New Zealand’s most loved and successful brands. Lily and Louis does publication for well-known worldwide brands for the New Zealand audience including Sanpellegrino, Europcar, Montblanc, and more.

I am working there four days per week, either Monday through Thursday or Tuesday through Friday. I am getting a weekly allowance of $140 for food and transportation. The perk, I am only a 12 minute walk from my housing, so I can save that money for weekend adventures and dinners in the city.

Yes, there are times when I am your typically intern; take out the trash, walk the dogs, and buy this or that. However, I also feel that I am gaining the likes and respect of the publicists that work there. Everyday I am getting more tasks that actually make a difference in the company and to the paying client. I am given different tasks from assisting in planning for grand openings or media attraction events, to writing and editing press releases for a multitude of New Zealand media outlets. As well, I put together portfolios of clippings for clients and help contact designers, journalists, CEO’s and more to attend different clients’ events. I have also been co-running the official Lily and Louis Instagram as well as the official Montblanc NZ social media.

I am exhausted after my 8:30 to 5:00pm day, but I am loving this business and its perks more and more. After only two weeks I have been offered great perks from some of the clients here including free ciders from Sommersby ciders and if available, a free helicopter tour of the islands with Heletranz.

Stay tuned for more updates on new reports, events, and perks from my time at Lily and Louis.


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