Saturday on Rangitoto

Saturdays are for spontaneous trips to deserted volcanic islands with new travel buddies. They are for taking ferry rides to places with no food, no water, no shops, and nothing livable. They are for making new international friends that you meet on the trail.

Rangitoto, emerging just 600 years ago, is the youngest and largest volcano in New Zealand.  The small island is filled with a few tracked hikes to the summit, lookout, and through the lava caves. Not the most beautiful place I’ve been to in New Zealand, but definitely one of the most unique. There’s something special about walking on volcanic rubble, and hiking through lava caves.

Along the way, Lauren and I met with these two Dutchmen along the trail. It’s funny how life has those meet-cute moments. All I have to say, is I’m glad we asked them to take our picture and so glad they chose the longer route to follow us on. Life is funny how you meet people and build relationships that never would’ve occurred had a few moments been different. I am already grateful for my friendship with Guy and Bram. They’ve introduced us to a few of their friends, living in their apartment building, and low and behold we have our own little travel group.

Stay tuned for pictures from Sundays travels with our international friend group: D(eu)chas. Cute little play on words with Dutch, German, and Americans huh?

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