First Stop: Kaikoura, New Zealand

Quick check in:

Yesterday, I arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand on the South island.

I am spending one week here with a friendly face from Seattle (you might have heard of him before), traveling around the Northern tip of the island before flying to Auckland to begin my internship. Our plan is to start in Christchurch, head to Kaikoura, onto Nelson for three days, then end in Punakaiki. Lucky for me, its all play and no work this first week.

Day one in Kaikoura: We walked along the gorgeous ridges and shores of the Kaikoura Peninsula and through the seal nature reserve. Kaikoura is roughy two hours from Christchurch, and is centered between the Seaward Kaikoura Range and the Pacific Ocean. As we walked along the coastal shores, we came across hundreds of fur seals laying in the path. There are few words that capture the bliss of sitting at the edge of the ridge overlooking the endless waves. It is 360 degrees of pure magic.

Take a look at the pictures below and stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures in Nelson.

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