Mirror Lake, Mt. Hood Hike

This past Sunday, we all hopped in the car and drove to the popular trailhead along Highway 26, right off of Mt. Hood Skibowl. This headway leads to the Mirror Lake Trail, which is a 2.1 miles round-trip to the lake and has 700 feet of elevation change. In summer, I’m sure this hike presents a different type of beauty and blissfulness, but let me tell you, its a must-do in the winter.

This trail brought us to Mirror Lake, a classic glacial cirque lake, frozen this time of year. Although tempting, we didn’t walk on the pond directly. You know, we didn’t want to end up like Mr. Deeds with his blackfoot. We did however, venture out way onto a log and perched out there for a few photos, and in my brother and boyfriends case, to feed the birds. It was such a magnificent experience, watching the birds land on their hands or heads, taking the oats straight out of their palms.

The youth and magic of this moment has been imprinted on my mind and has marked itself as already one of my favorite winter holiday memories.

If you have the time, make your way to mirror lake. I highly recommend the visit, just be sure to layer up! Enjoy these pictures, and get out there and take some of your own.

Kiss, kiss

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