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    As you’ve most likely seen over the last three months, I have been interning abroad in New Zealand. Now that my journey has come to a close, I’m eager to share how I made this happen, and why you should too.

    If you’ve never had the opportunity (whether that be due to timing, availability, finances, what have you) to study abroad in college, what’s to say you can’t go through a program post-college to attain an internship and get experience on your resume right away? That was the case for me. Between working three jobs throughout college, getting a major and a minor, performing with a dance company, and running a university associated club for three out of the four years, I never seemed to be able to fit studying abroad in my schedule.

    When my graduation plans didn’t work out how I originally expected, I figured what better to do than to escape all my problems and travel to another country, am I right? The problem with that was, I wanted two things: to get help in planning my experience, and get experience on my resume right out of college. I began searching around, and thanks to the incredible powers of the internet, I found World Internships. No one I knew had done a program through world internships, so I was a little skeptical. But let me tell you, I am so glad I just went for it.

    It was really easy to apply and get the process started that I was sure it was too good to be true. But, it wasn’t. Here’s what you do:

    First, look around on the website. Look for your major and the type of internships that are offered with that, and pair it with where you want to go. Right on the website it has the program prices, dates (which are flexible), resources, and more. From there:

    1. Go online and complete the application, and there are advisors that are there every step of the way.

    2. Submit your refundable $75USD application fee using a secure form.

    3. Send your one-page resume and cover letter.

    4. Congrats, you’re in and you’re ready for your Skype interview.

    If accepted, you will work with a personal advisor and a technical advisor to find your internship and help you figure out everything you need before you go. You will communicate with your technical advisor to find exactly the environment and type of internship you are looking for in your ideal location until you find that dream internship. If you don’t, maybe expand where you want to go. I originally planned to go to Australia, but although they found me a few internships with different companies, I just didn’t feel it was quite what I wanted. We extended my search to New Zealand, and I found one better than I could have expected, to read more detail on my internship see here.

    Anyways, you’ve found the company you want to intern with, you’ll interview with them, and if it is a mutual interest, you are ready to go!

    From there, you’re personal World Internships (WI) advisor will help you get everything you need, plan your housing, visa needs, pick up and drop off from the airport, travel insurance, 24/7 onsite assistance, welcome orientation, planned trips if you choose to go, contests and giveaways for interns, and more.

    I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and experiences that my internship through World Internships gave me.

    Go online by clicking the box below and learn about the possibilities that are right at your finger tips.

    Kiss, kiss

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