Christchurch, Canterbury Greater Area

Now that my ten day excursion across the South Island has ended, I am spending a few nights in Christchurch before heading back to the States. I have been visiting and staying with my special someone for these last few days, and friends I have met as an extension from across the world studying abroad at University of Canterbury.

Christchurch is a unique destinations, combining urban regeneration and innovation with a mix of beautiful scenery. Christchurch has experience several earthquakes over the last few years that has made it, not the most beautiful place in New Zealand to say the last. However, it is quite central to some amazing places and it is the home of some incredible new friends I have had the chance to meet.

Yesterday, I explored the Port Hills, a range of hills in Canterbury only 20 minutes from the University. The hills are named so because they lie between the city of Christchurch and its port at Lyttelton. Sites explain that they are an eroded remnant of the Lyttelton volcano, which erupted millions of years ago.

Luckily, I was able to borrow a car, drive up to the hills, and explore a 1.5 hour return track through the brush and over the hills to see this beautiful scenery, escaping the lower city life.

I cannot believe my time here has come to an end. With just one more day, I’m constantly reflecting on the blessing and adventure this trip was.

I cannot recommend traveling enough to anyone needing to explore themselves and push beyond their comfort zones. You’ll learn more than you anticipate about yourself, others, and the breathtaking hidden gems this world has to offer.

kiss, kiss

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