Bucket List: Bungy Jump

As I shuffled out to the edge of the bridge, my heart was pounding and my mind was racing. I was standing at the world’s first commercial Bungy operation opened at the Kawarau Bridge in November 1988. Many people have jumped before me and many will jump after. But at that point, it was my turn. I was a part of the birth of tourism in New Zealand.

This was the original. I was fueled with courage and adrenaline, and wasn’t going to step down. The key, I was told, was to go immediately on the first countdown. If I stepped back, I would block myself and create a fear taking me hours to do it, if I ever did.

I took the advice, and to my surprise, I courageously went on three the first time. I took the leap of faith, and let me tell you, it was liberating. I came to New Zealand to feel free, experience adventure, and throw myself at whatever life threw at me. I felt that jumping off a bridge 43m up, with a small bungy tied around my feet, and a three second count down, did just that.

Some people love it, some people hate it. I was liberated and I will do it again whenever I get the chance. I wasn’t sure how I would act on that ledge, but let me tell you, I am so glad I had the courage and took that leap. Thank you AJ Hackett Bungy for building the first commerical bungy jump in the world, so I could have the privaledge to have my first bungy experience here.

Life is short.

My New Zealand adventures have taught me to grasp onto spontaneity, adventure through life pushing comfort zones, explore different places I never thought was possible for me. And, funding my own trip has shown me that money is no object; if you want to make it financially possible you will. My advice is to spend for an experience that will last you a lifetime, money will come and go regardless.

Enjoy the videos and pictures below!

Kiss, kiss

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