Oh, Little Cable Bay

Today, we ventured to Cable Bay, a small town connecting Pepin Island with the South Island, near Nelson. Our initial plan was to get to Pepin Island and hike up to the top to see the views over looking the island and the city of Nelson. However, when we arrived at the location, we came to private property signs on every entrance of Pepin Island. We learned that Pepin Island is some lucky person’s private island. Wouldn’t that be nice? Anyways, since we thought it best not to trespass, and instead we drove around the small town of cable bay. This cute little town has so much character from the little closed cafe, to the individual mailboxes, and little painted white fences lining the roads. Cable bay is a cute little adventure of its own.

We explored the caves and shores of cable bay before going back into Nelson to do some tedious work and get back to reality to prepare a little for my internship that is quickly approaching.

Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures in Punakaiki.

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