Sleep under the Stars: Akaroa

This was hands down, one of the most amazing places I have ever stayed the night at. Akaroa, an extremely under-rated town just East of Christchurch, was entirely a dream. This night, was one to remember for many reasons, some are for  you to know, others are to stay near and dear to my heart.

When we arrived, we explored the town during the sunset before making delicious tacos and drinking sweet ciders on our hammocks under the sunset.

However, the most incredible part of this trip was the individual stargazer hut we slept in. On the Onuku Farm hostel, we watched shooting stars pass as we fell asleep. The hut was small, just enough for two to sleep, with a mattress and the open roof to see the clear, beautiful night sky.

I’m sitting here trying to formulate the right words to describe the magic in the night, however, I’m not finding anything the right words to compare. I guess, you’ll just have to trust me when I suggest that you stay at a stargazer hut at some point in your life. Take in all that the sky has to offer, and if you’re lucky, make a wish on a shooting star – maybe it’ll come true, mine did.

Kiss, Kiss

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