10 Days of Quarantine Workouts

Quarantine Jan 11, 2022: SY

As the Omicron variant spreads rampantly throughout the world, more and more people are going into quarantine (or should be). This is nothing that you haven’t already been able to see on the news, but the Symphony of the Seas has had a three week suspension to sailing with guests and will resume on January 29, 2022. This sort of feels like 2021 was a time loop that brought us back to March 2020. Oh, well, here we almost are two years later.

Despite all the precautions taken, this ship experienced higher numbers of Covid-19 throughout guests and eventually through the crew. I think its important to note that in order to sail guests over the age of 12 are required to be vaccinated, everyone is needs to show a negative PCR test, and in addition, children under 12 that aren’t vaccinated receive a rapid antigen test upon boarding. All crew members are fully vaccinated and most are also boosted with either Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson. From what I see happening on land, safety protocols for Covid-19 are extremely strict onboard for crew, yet with this variant, it has still made its way through. If you ask me, this quarantine is a good thing and absolutely necessary. This is the best and most efficient way to get crew members healthy again in mass numbers. I’m looking at it as a blessing; a moment to pause, reset, and get us back to healthy sailing.

Moving passed that, now that I am in quarantine with the rest of the non-essential crew members onboard, I thought what better time to post a few of my workouts I’ve created. Below you can find nine workouts ranging from HIIT workouts, to cardio, legs, booty, abs, back, triceps, chest, and more in different formats. There is little or no equipment required for these workouts.

I hope that wherever you are in the world, these workouts can help you stay mentally and physically healthy throughout your 10 days, regardless of whether you’re Covid positive or close contact quarantining.

Please let me know if you gave any a try. Tag me on your instagram stories (@samanthajks), send me a massage, and share your thoughts!

Much love from quarantine,

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  1. Erin
    January 11, 2022 / 8:53 PM

    Nice!!! I’m gonna do it 10 days ok I got this!

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